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Anna Jegéus was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. She started taking acting lessons at a young age and explored many different interests as well during her childhood, such as sports, music and writing. She spent a few months living in Seoul, South Korea in her upper teens, and later moved to Paris, France to attend the prestigious acting school Cours Florent. While living in Paris, she was discovered as a model and started a parallell career in the fashion industry while undergoing her acting training. She also studied at Stockholm University, and in addition to her acting studies, also holds degrees in media and communication studies as well as litterature studies.


Anna is currently based in Stockholm, and in the beginning of 2022, she transitioned into a full time acting and modeling career and enjoys working in many different parts of Sweden and abroad. Within the commercial space, Anna has worked with brands such as Apple, Spotify, SATS, Evolgy, SVT, The H&M Foundation, and many more. As a model, she has experience in everything from catwalk to beauty, fitness, editorial, and commercial modeling. She is currently expanding into starring roles in film and TV, as well as voice over and speaker work. She is represented by Stockholmsgruppen and G Actors Agency.


Anna is also a trained dancer, with a specialization in pole fitness, but she also has experience from various dance styles as well as acrobatics. She has always enjoyed sports and physical activity and trained as a gymnast during her childhood. She also has training in physical acting. Stemming from this, she really loves incorporating different physicalities and movement work when approaching new roles and characters.

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